Emergency Release Coupling

Woodfield Emergency Release Coupling (ERC) is designed & manufactured for safety of operators and environment in case of an emergency. ERC can be used with hoses or loading arms during transfer of product from terminal to tanker or vice-versa.

In case of an emergency if the tank truck has to move, ERC shall get activated and detach from the hose or loading arms safely with minimum spillage by instantly closing the safety valves in the ERC.

Emergency Release Coupling

Shear Pin Type

Operation Philosophy

Non-axial forces are generated on the shear bolts as the tanker moves in case of an emergency. These bolts are sheared which instantly closes the two valves present inside the ERC thus preventing any spillage.

Cable Release Type (C-ERC)

Operation Philosophy

Non-axial forces are generated as the tanker moves in case of an emergency and these forces are transferred on the ERC spring plungers through a cable. With this the ERC gets separated with instant closing of the two valves inside the ERC causing minimum spillage.


  • No extra spares required to reassemble once activated
  • Breaking force can be adjusted with same arrangement

Features of
S-ERC and

  • Safe & Reliable
  • Spill-free Separation
  • High flow rate / Low pressure drop
  • Simple design & easy to maintain onsite
  • Coupling automatically senses an excessive load and closes the valves and disconnects

Working of ERC

Before and after emergency disconnect

In connection

Emergency Release Coupling - In connection

The ERC consists of two halves and when connected allows maximum flow

After disconnection

Emergency Release Coupling - After connection

When ERC activates and separates it allows the halves to close instantly thus ensuring leak proof spilling on both halves

Technical Specifications

Type / Model
Shear pin type (S-ERC), Cable release type (C-ERC)
Sizes Available
2in., 3in., 4in.
Shear Bolt (For S-ERC)
13kN, 24kN, 33kN & 45kN
Material of construction
AISI 304/304L, AISI 316/316L, Aluminum, 904L, Hastelloy, Duplex steel **Other materials available on request
Viton B, Viton GFLT, Nitrile/Buna **other materials on request on request
Test Pressure
38 bar (May vary upon size and material)
Working Pressure (Max.)
25 bar (May vary upon size and material)
Operating Temperature
Viton-B: -40°F to 212°F (-40°C to +100°C);
Viton GFLT: -40°F to +212°F (-40°C to +100°C);
Nitrile/Buna: -22°F to 212°F (-30°C to +100°C);
End Connection
Flanged end & Threaded end (BSP/NPT)
Tank truck loading / unloading arm / hose for LPG, Propen, Ammonia, Chemicals, and Hydrocarbons
EN 10204 Type 2.2 with all supplies. On demand EN 10204 Type 3.1, CE certification, ATEX certification