Dual W420-DH Long Reach (Supported)

W420-DH long reach, dual connection top loading arms are designed specifically for loading/unloading compressed gas liquids from and to railcars where significant missspotting capacity is required and both liquid connections on the rail car are to be used. The W420-DH’s longer reach and significant miss-spot capabilities are due to a “swivel boom” that extends “supported” from the riser on to which a fixed reach loading arm is attached. This provides an extra plane or rotation and allows the loading arm to “track” a considerable distance along the centerline of the railcar. Dual drop hoses are attached at the apex swivel joint via a “cross bar” which spreads the dual drop hose assemblies across the width of the manhole so both liquid connections can be orientated and simply connected

W420-H has 2 x 2” SS drop hoses, 2 x 90° Style-30 Outboard swivel joints with an option of a 2 x 2” ball valves to allow for orientation to both liquid connections on top of the rail car as well as controlling the supply to/from the loading arm.

Outboard connections can be dry-gas coupler, hammer union or lap flange to suit the application. Breakaway couplings, remote shut down devices and purge systems can be incorporated as required.

W420 DH Long Reach Unsupported


W420-DH is available in 2”, 3” x 2”, and 3” if required. Made from all carbon steel or stainless steel. Swivel joints are all Split Flange WL2 dual race, or WSS single race with seal material to suit the compressed gas and vapor being handled.

Available in Left Hand or Right Hand, Up-feed, Down-feed and Side-feed configurations


  • A separate 2” vapor hose can be “piggy backed” to the loading arm to guide and connect/disconnect both liquid connections as well as the vapor connection at the same time without orientating a separate piece of hose
  • Typical range of vertical movement is +70° park position to -20° load position
  • Typical boom length is 1,800mm. Primary length is 2,000mm to 2,500mm with a 1,500mm drop hose and Style-30 swivel joint.

See Compressed Gas Loading Arm Options tab for more options